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Organization of the Association                 Franšais    English

Statutes registered in 1958 govern NEB. These statutes were amended in 2002 to better serve the need to bring the world of science and research closer to current expectations (see Statutes).

Statutes ╗ English version

Association's Administration

NEB is administered by an executive committee of 12 members elected by the general assembly of all members. The executive committee elects within it a bureau comprising a president, two vice-presidents, one secretary general, one deputy secretary general, a treasurer and a deputy Treasurer. The bureau shall meet each time the need arises but at least once per trimester.

The annual general assembly reviews and approves the Association's financial statement and holds statutory elections. An extraordinary general assembly may be convened at the request of two thirds of its members.

All association's members are volunteers.

Functioning of the Association

NEB employs 5 full-time employees which together are responsible for the overall administrative and financial management as the management of staff recruited by members as part of research programmes.